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the longer you go, the more i miss

sometimes, i think we take each other for granted. well, i think i do at least. since you've been gone, i realize what my life is without you, it's not pretty and it's not right. you've become a sound stuck in my head for so long that the space you fill is too empty to go without you. i know now what it means to love, and what it takes to keep you. we need to fight for what we have and if before i thought differently; now i am willing. i love to be in your embrace, i love your lips on mine. watching your pupils dilate when you look at me, you being inside of me, a part of me, everything. filling in the verbal blanks i so often have, a mouthpiece. for every day i get to wake up next to you, it's been a gift. for the times when i've been less than grateful, a lesson i've learnt. i don't want to fight anymore, i just want to be yours.

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